What's solid'om SXM?

SOLID’OM SXM is a scheme that allows Saint-Martin (FWI)’s homeowners to renovate their properties with the financial contribution of private investors wishing to benefit from a tax reduction while investing in a social and ethical project.

The Principle

The SOLID'OM scheme is a solidarity funding solution regulated by the Lodeom law (Article 199 Undecies C of the CGI) which enables financing renovation work for a more than 20 year old house by creating a real estate company (SCI) that will obtain the private funds necessary to finance the work.

The Eligibility conditions

▶︎ You must own the House and the land

▶︎ To have a home of more than 20 year's old

▶︎ To occupy it as your main residence

▶︎ To respect an annual ceiling of resources

▶︎ To respect the criteria of deterioration of housing

► The property must not be pledged nor mortgaged, you must have finished to pay the loan

► The property must not be rented